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Measurement and Testing
Remote viewer -- General Tools & Instruments
Moisture meter -- General Tools & Instruments
Inspection camera -- Ridgid
Screed/landscape level -- Sola
All-in-one plumb/alignment tool -- Tajima
Tape measures -- U.S. Tape
Pivoting framing square -- C.H.Hanson
Fiberglass long tape -- Cooper Tools/Lufkin
Full-featured level -- Kaypro
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BorsecopeRemote viewer

General Tools & Instruments offers the video borescope models that allow users to peek into areas inaccessible to the naked eye. The DCS1500 records still pictures or videos through a 5.5mm camera at the end of 3.3' flexible fiber-optic cable. The 3.5" screen makes viewing easy and images can be stored on an SDS memory card. The DCS1800 wireless video borescope allows images to be transmitted wirelessly up to 10' away to the base unit or larger screen. The DCS700 is a budget-conscious model with many of the same capabilities as the larger units, but has a smaller viewing screen. All three units offer viewing probes up to 98' long. Tell Me More

Moisture meter

General Tools & Instruments introduced its MM70D all-in-one deluxe moisture meter kit that has built-in and remote pin-type probes, a 39" roller-type non-invasive probe and a set of interchangeable 9" long pins. The variety of probes allow moisture readings in all types of materials. Offers readings ranging from 5.5 percent to 99.9 percent within +/- one percent in a wide variety of materials. Tell Me More


Inspection camera

Ridgid adds to its SeeSnake line of drain inspection tools with the compact SeeSnake microDrain inspection system. The unit features a 30' flexible cable and a 22mm-diameter camera head that allows greater accessibility and efficiency in inspection jobs. The cable’s flexibility and tight turn radius of the camera head allows for access through many toilet traps and small P-traps or other inaccessible areas. Tell Me More








Sola screed

Screed/landscape levels

Sola Messwerkzeuge GmgH is introducing a line of high end, contractor-grade levels that include its Screed/Landscape level with 4"-tall profile handgrips near the ends of the level. This allows the user to screed cement for concrete work or sand when creating paver brick patios and walkways. The aluminum Sola Screed/Landscape levels run from 78" to 118" and include a plumb vial so it can also be used for standard construction work.

Plumb-rite 400G-PlusAll-in-one plumb/alignment tool

The Tajima Plumb-Rite 400G Plus is an all-in-one plumb alignment tool ideal for installing steel or wood doors and for quickly verifying the plumb accuracy of adjoining walls. Tool includes a 14 oz. quick-stabilizing bob, 14.5' of self-retracting braided nylon line, a universal setter with strong magnet for steel frames and a reinforced setting pin for wood or drywall surfaces. Stabilizes in six seconds or less. When finished, lift the bob and the line self-recoils into the setter for tangle-free storage. Tell Me More


Pro-SL tapeTape measures


U.S. Tape Co. now offers a line of Pro-SL self-locking tape measures that feature bottom and top brake releases, nylon-coated blade, multi-riveted end hook, compact design with comfort rubber grip and double-sided print blade. Available in English or English/Metric blade styles with a vertical-read reverse blade. Available in 3/4" x 16' and 1" x 25'/7.5m models. Tell Me More




Pivot Square


Pivoting framing square

The Pivot Square from C.H. Hanson is the first product in its Signature Series of tools. It resembles a traditional rafter square, but features three UV-resistant vials that quickly and easily determine roof pitches and angles, indicate grade, facilitate miter cuts and allow for leveling and plumbing cuts. A lock sets the square at a specific angle for accurately marking repetitive cut lines. Comes with The Expert Guide To Roof Construction And Framing by noted trade professional John Carroll. Tell Me More




Fiberglass long tape


Cooper Tools offers the Lufkin Pro Series fiberglass long tape that has three unique quick-connect end attachments. The standard end hook is perfect for general measuring and inside measurements; the longer, rubber-coated appraiser’s hook provides extra grip on hard or smooth shapes; and the ring attachment hooks onto the included 8 1/2" anodized aluminum stake for easy one-person long-distance measuring. The three end attachments store conveniently in the handle and the stake stores securely on the back of the tape. Tell Me More


Zeus Vision 990


Full-featured level

The Zeus Vision 990 level from Kaypro is built tough with some smart features, report Kaypro sources. It features Plumb Site Dual-View vials and a magnified and illuminated horizontal vial. It can take drops and bumps, thanks to the air-cushioned shockproof end caps, air-cushioned wall-grip handles, two milled surfaces and non-stick wipe-clean Keflon coating. Kaypro testing reports indicate that it is up to five times stronger than competitive levels. Tell Me More


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