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Issue Archives - November-December 2009 issue

The Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distirbutors Association (STAFDA) is THE trade show where companies roll out new products for 2010. Here's a sampling of what's coming.


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Collated screw/nail

Scrail collated fasteners bring the BECK Fastener Group’s innovative thinking to any project requiring ordinary screws. These incredibly versatile fasteners are the performance-driven cross-over between a screw and a nail, delivering dramatically increased holding power vs. nails while gaining the added benefit of easy adjustment and quick removal. Labor time and costs are slashed since they can be driven in with a pneumatic nailer at speeds twice as fast as collated screws and eight times faster than bulk screws. For product specifications, dramatic videos, free samples and special offers, visit or phone 1-800-239-TOOL (8665). Read more




Hardwood deck screw

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces the DHPD hardwood deck collated screw. It’s designed for hardwood decking, such as fastening Ipê to pressure-treated joists. Its paddle-style drill point eliminates the need to pre-drill holes, saving contractors time and greatly reduces the chance of splitting hardwood. The screw has reinforced midwings that allow the compact head of the screw to countersink into deck boards for a clean, less noticeable finish. The screw is collated to work with the Quik Drive auto-feed screw fastening system, which increases the speed of installation and helps prevent back and knee strain since users can stand while they work. The collated screw strips also help minimize screw waste. Made of Type 305 stainless steel, it offers premium corrosion resistance, Simpson Strong-Tie sources report. Read more


Combination hole saw kitsHole Saw Kit

The M. K. Morse Company introduces two unique combination hole saw kits for professional contractors. The AVELE01 kit for electricians includes 15 bimetal and nine carbide-tipped hole saws. The carbide-tipped hole saws in this kit are designed for fast cuts in abrasive materials such as fiberglass, drywall, aluminum and countertops. For plumbers, M. K. Morse combined 13 bimetal and nine carbide-grit hole saws with diameters for cutting requirements through pipe tap and entrance sizes up to 4". Carbide grit hole saws provide clean cuts in thin materials and cut very hard, abrasive materials such as hardened steel, cast iron, brick, cement, ceramics, computer flooring, composites and acoustic tile. All necessary arbors and replacement pilot drills are included with each kit. Morse Master Cobalt bimetal hole saws in both kits make smooth cuts in wood, plastic, stainless steel, nail-embedded wood and other machinable metals. Read more


Toggle AnchorToggle anchor

Capital Safety introduces the DBI SALA Saflok toggle anchor that can be reused in a variety of applications which can lower equipment costs and increase productivity. It can serve as the tie-off point for fall arrest, fall restraint, work positioning equipment, or for personnel riding systems in horizontal, vertical or overhead applications. It can be used with pre-cast concrete, pre-cast hollow-core concrete or steel flange applications. It installs and removes easily through a pre-drilled 3/4" mounting hole and provides a 5,000 lbs. breaking strength anchor point. A position indicator ensures the anchor properly seats in the hole and the swiveling anchor ring provides a safe, compatible and secure connection. It is designed for use by one person with a total weight (that includes clothing and tools) of no more than 310 lbs. Two anchors can be used as the endpoints for a horizontal lifeline system. Meets all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI Z359.1. Read more



Miter saw standMiter Saw Stand

Makita U.S.A., Inc., offers its new 195083-4 miter saw stand. It adjusts to five positions with a spring-loaded mechanism for quick and easy set up in seconds. It has a large platform base and material support extensions with feed roller to support long crown molding. It’s also equipped with a large rubberized handle and solid rubber 12" wheels for easy jobsite portability. The stand is engineered to fit most Makita miter saws, including Makita’s news LS1016L 10” dual slide compound miter saw. Read more


Grinding DiscsQuick-change fiber grinding discs

Pferd offers fiber grinding discs with its Combiclick system that reduces change-up time by 75 percent and improves grinding productivity. The patented mounting system easily clicks onto the backing pad with one effortless clockwise rotation. Disc design eliminates disc curling and increases air circulation for optimal cooling. The discs offer flexibility and can grind at nearly a flat angle yet are flexible enough for uniform grinding on contours and curved surfaces. Users can expect up to 25 to 30 percent increased stock removal, longer service life, less tool wear and lower workpiece temperature. Almost 100 Combiclick discs are available in three diameters, 4 1/2"; 5" and 7"; in five grain choices, Aluminum Oxide A, Aluminum Oxide A-COOL, Zirconia Alumina, Ceramic Oxide and Ceramic Oxide CO-COOL; and in a choice of six grits from 24 to 220. Read more

Tingley Phase 3 workwear

High-visibility safety apparel

Tingley Rubber Corp. has introduced a revolutionary three-layer material that keeps wearers warm and dry, yet cool and comfortable. The Phase 3 high-visibility safety apparel is ANSI 107 Class 3-compliant for high visibility and offers amazing warmth-to-weight ratio in a breathable, wind- and water-resistant jacket. Developed with athletic apparel design and performance, the Phase 3 has a unique three-layer material including an inner fleece layer. The fluorescent yellow-green background material and 2” silver reflective tape provide wearer safety. The Phase 3 can also be zipped into the Tingley Icon jacket style J24122 to create a layered multi-season comfort system. Read more

Lanyard with SRL ConnectorLanyard with SRL Connector

MSA now offers a self-retracting lanyard (SRL) connector on its new Diamond lanyard that allows users to transfer to/from the lanyard and SRL without having to disconnect from the back D-ring, maintaining 100 percent tie-off. It offers an easier reach when connecting and disconnecting and because the lanyard is always connected to the user, its chances of being misplaced or out of reach when needed are reduced. This lightweight unit is available in single- and twin-leg configurations. Read more


Bosch PS70 cordless metal shear


Cordless metal shear

Metal trimming and cutting tasks can be easier with the new Bosch PS70 metal shear that’s powered by its 12 volt Max Litheon battery platform. Users can expect fast charges, exceptional runtime and battery life, even in the most grueling sheet-metal cutting applications. The tool effortlessly cuts sheet metal up to 18 gauge thickness; Bosch experts claim very few of the power shears on the market can do this and are usually up to four times heavier and up to 60 percent more expensive. It weighs only 3 lbs. and is only 10" long. Precision-engineered cutting elements on its adjustable four-sided cutting blade allows it to accurately cut holes as small as 1/2" in diameter. The easy-to-adjust cutter clearance makes the tool versatile enough to perform straight and curved cuts with equal precision. It has a comfortable overmolded soft grip and top-mounted switch for ambidextrous control and less user fatigue. The unit also has an easy-to-see battery fuel gauge and a built-in chip deflector. Read more



Soil Pipe CutterSoil pipe cutter

The Ridgid Press Snap soil pipe cutter connects to any Ridgid press tool to easily cut soil pipe without scoring it. The tool can cut most 1 1/2" to 4" no-hub and service-weight soil pipe. Read more


Corrosion protectionCorrosion Protection

Aervoe Industries, Inc. now offers Speed Galvanize, a cost-effective zinc spray coating that imparts temporary zinc protection in the welding process. One coat will furnish short-term corrosion protection in pre-fabrication and the weld-through process including cut, drill, and spot-weld activity. May be used as a post-process metallic primer plus protection for incomplete work. A triple coat provides a dry-film thickness of about 1-mil of zinc for extended protection. It uses 97 percent pure metallic zinc dust and the dry film contains 93 percent zinc. Read more

Arcus steel/radius cutting saw blade

Curve-cutting steel blade

Arcus now offers a steel cutting 7 1/4" circular saw blade that cuts up to 10 guage steel. It can cut curves and circles in steel with a metal-cutting circular saw. The blade can be used freehand to make cuts curves and circle cuts from a 10” radius and larger. The aluminum compass guide and steel pivot point accessories offer precision cuts and a longer blade life. Read more



Radius Radwear lime vestRadius Radwear orange vest

Survey safety vests

Radians now offers its SV6 ANSI Class 2 rated surveyor safety vest under its Radwear apparel brand name. ANSI Class 2 rated vests are safety vests designed for people working in traffic of 25 to 55 mph speeds. They are available with a polyester mesh front and close-weaved solid-knit back in hi-viz orange or green with 2" reflective stripes on the front and back. The SV6 vests also feature more pockets than most surveyor vests and include a split pencil/pad pocket on the chest, radio pocket, two lower pockets, two deep inside pockets and an instrument pocket on the inside of the vest. Read more

Steam Jenny pressure washerPressure washers

Steam Jenny, part of Jenny Products, Inc., introduces four new models of direct-drive cold pressure washers that are a compact, economical alternative to belt-driven models with the professional performance of commercial grade units. The models are designed for maximum durability and portability for use on the most demanding jobsites. Powered by 9- or 13-hp Honda GX Series engines, the models feature a long-life triplex ceramic plunger pump. They are available with pressure ratings between3,000 and 4,000 psi and flow rates between 3 and 4 gpm. Read more



Princeton EOS II headlamp


Princeton Tec offers the UL CL1 DIV1 EOS II headlamp that puts out 50 lumens of light from one Maxbright Rebel LED. It runs on AAA batteries (included) and has a burn time of 60 hours. It is waterproof, has high and low settings and includes an easy-to-use rubber strap for hardhat use. Read more


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